FIT Farm Innovation Team NATURE_NEST

A quality automatic nest system of high standard specification!

FIT Farm Innovation Team  NATURE_NEST

Automatic Nest for Breeders and Layers

DESIGNED to high specifications and standards_comfort and animal-welfare!


FIT Farm Innovation Team has a comprehensive range of fully automated nests for Broiler Breeders, Layer Breeders and commercial layers for Barn or Free Range consumer egg production.


FIT Farm Innovation Team NATURE_NEST is designed to provide the ideal comfortable sheltered environment for egg production birds (breeder and commercial layers).


The unique features are to maximize the hen’s performance, egg production, providing a comfortable and safe nest.


The FIT Farm Innovation Team NATURE_NEST systems are effective in maximizing egg production performance and financial returns.

The NATURE_NEST – Automatic Nest for Breeders and Layers specifications:

 plus button _FIT Farm Innovation Team NATURE_NEST is made from special film-coated side divisions, waterproof, durable and galvanized steel frame.

plus button _The galvanized legs supports are fully adjustable to accommodate variable floor levels. The height adjustable screw is from Stainless steel.

plus button _The strong construction enables an optimal nest environment in hot and cold climates. The entire nest is a very sustainable construction and made to last-easy to install and maintain.

plus button _NATURE_NEST systems are easily accessible for cleaning with high water pressure, sanitizing and disinfection which reduces the risk of any insect (red mite) from breeding to a minimum.

plus button _Easy inspection through the automatic opening of the NATURE_NEST with the floor/bottom. The floor wire grid frame is easy to remove and replace.

plus button _The roof lid/cover and open NATURE_NEST structure allows for optimal control and maintenance.

Design features of NATURE_NEST –  Automatic Nest for Breeders and Layers

plus button _NATURE_NEST, a sheltered spacious volume nest for air flow and nest bottom with perforations to allow air flow through provides to the birds that Natural feeling.

plus button _The NATURE_NEST entrance is designed to avoid leg and/or breast injuries and the hanging plastic flaps to create the sheltered effect for the birds.

plus button _Perforated AstroTurf® self-cleaning nest pads inserted which is easy to install or to be taken out or replaced to allow all the dust and other debris (bird droppings) to fall through – to ensure a cleaner nest environment, eggs (consumer eggs and hatching eggs), reduced cracks and better hatchability.

plus button _Bird’s expulsion system with tilting floor. The nest floors which raise up at night to close the nests, keeping the hens out of the nest in order to keep the nest pads cleaner, they open when the lights come on or just before.

plus button _Gentle Bird friendly expulsion system operated on a time clock.

plus button _Full nest length at the egg rollout has a plastic flap egg shield, which helps to prevent the birds pecking the eggs.

plus button _The egg belt cover protects the eggs from dust.

plus button _Variable speed controls mounted for all egg collection belts with reverse and emergency stop.

plus button _NATURE_NEST has two perforated egg collection belt features, two separate egg belts of 250mm or one of 500mm.

plus button _The smooth transition between the egg belt and the egg cross conveyor or collecting table avoids hair line cracks and removes possible dirt, manure or feathers.

Configuration options for NATURE_NEST – Automatic Nest for Breeders and Layers


_Single tier, front roll-away (egg belts to the outside in front of the nest)

_Single tier, rear roll-away (egg belts in the centre of between two nests)

_Double tier, front roll-away (egg belts to the outside of the nest)

_Double tier, rear roll-away (egg belts in the centre of the nest)

_Single and double tier nest with usable surface roof space with perches.

FIT Farm Innovation Team SLATS

FIT Farm Innovation Team plastic slats made from a high impact PP material which also resists microorganism buildup is designed to be durable, strong, comfortable and very stable available.

plus button _Rounded grids, non-porous, safe and steady for younger and older birds and for the manager when walking on the slats for inspection/control.

plus button _Firm galvanized steel frame and plastic structure beneath the slats for support.

plus button _The FIT Farm Innovation Team SLAT system is easy to install and dismantle.

plus button _The legs supports are fully adjustable to accommodate variable floor levels.

plus button _At depletion, very easy to sanitize for bio-security purposes.

plus button _The slats edge at the scratching area we provide a vertical wire mesh grid closure which assists with ventilation over the litter under the slat and to minimize potential red mite breeding areas. The airflow over the manure assists with drying the outer crust of the droppings reducing ammonia odor and flies.