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Golden Broiler PRIME broiler cage advantages:

plus button _ 2,5 times higher density per m² housing in Golden Broiler cage system compared to floor system

plus button _ Golden Broiler cage system saves up to 30% of energy costs per kg live weight compare to floor system

plus button _ Small groups of birds for better flock control in the broiler cage_ efficient automatic broiler harvesting conveyor system

plus button _ Golden Broiler cage system SUPER SOFT Floor concept prevents breast blisters, follicle infections, injury of the skin, swollen and injured feet

plus button _ NO litter necessary _ NO litter treatment and storage costs 

plus button _ NO contact with manure and humid litter – known infections or diseases do not accrue in Golden Broiler cage system 

plus button _ Clean environment for birds and employees due to daily manure removal and less Ammonium in the air 

plus button _ more even growth and better uniformity in Golden Broiler cage system _ less mycotic and e-coli infections 

plus button _ less infrastructure costs due to reduction of required ground space with Golden Broiler cage system _ less manpower needed per kg live weight

Golden Broiler PRIME broiler cage system design and features:

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_Broiler cage system installation up to four (4) tiers

_Inspection wagon for ideal bird control

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_Completely closed feeding and drinking system

_Feed drop pipes with intake hoppers for each tier in the broiler cage system

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_Ideal feed and water consumption

_Adjustable from DOC to adult broiler

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_Super SOFT FLOOR _the best for bird’s chest and feets

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_Up to 55kg LBW per m² in each broiler cage tier

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_Dimmable LED light tubes

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_BCC Broiler Cross Conveyer

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_Optimized & full automatic harvesting process

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