Ecologically Enrichable Habitat / Enriched Habitat system

Flexibility in Habitat requirements to accommodate EU regulations

FIT Farm Innovation Team GmbH Golden Layer Habitat colony system enriched 2sys

Golden Layer HABITAT colony system design and features:

plus button_ HABITAT layer colony system provides optimal Habitat (Ecology) flexibility compliant to welfare requirement and EU directives.


plus button_ HABITAT structural requirements applied as per regulation and welfare requirements, environmental design requirements/measurements. Ecological requirements _ feeding, drinking, perch, scratching area and nests/safe egg production/collection management.


plus button_ HABITAT layer colony system supplied excluding Habitat requirements: Nests, perches, scratch area can be implemented when regulations/directives dictate as an essential requirement to enrich the Habitat of the system.

HABITAT Layer colony system:

  • EU-Directive compliant

  • Bird-friendly environment

  • The environment provides freedom of movement and natural behavior of the birds

  • Hygenic environment

  • Efficient and safe egg production.

  • A-Link chain feeding system, proven superior chain feeding system, reliable, efficient and easy to manage.

  • Multi-Tier system