Present-day research and technical development _R&D_ is a core part of the modern poultry business!


FIT Farm Innovation Team R&D department invented and designed the innovative and successful broiler feeder pan for broiler cage & cage-free feeding systems.

FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan front flat

Developed and converted ADVANTAGES of FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan:



_ Broiler feeder pan height of less than 4 cm allows the DOC to have an easy and comfortable start at placement _ no stress accessing feed

_ Separate feeding places! _ no bird can enter into the broiler feeder pan or sleep in it _ no manure droppings / spilling into the feed

 _ Broiler feeder pan with 1,19 m feed space _compared with other suppliers _ 18 feed places / 38 cm diameter

 _ 2 kg feed inside the broiler feeder pan centralizes / stabilizes the broiler feeder pan during the cycle

 _ No spillage of feed caused by big birds above 2 kg body weight by hitting or bumping the broiler feeder pan

_ Easy handling , no adjustments required, only height winching

_ Feed shut off slide lock enables birds to empty the feed in the broiler feeder pan before depletion

_FITFEEDER _ broiler feeder pan prevents feed wastage!


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FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan low entrance oposite

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan with low entrance of only 3,98 cm _amazing advantage for day old chicken!

FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan up

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan with 38 cm diameter and 1,19 m feed space _25% more feed space compared with existing feeders!

90 hi

The 90° hinge _perfect for cleaning and bio security!


FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan lock system with two supports on each fastener.

FITFEEDER compartment pan

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan version _compartment feeder pan.

FITFEEDER smooth inner surface pan

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan version _smooth inner surface pan.

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan designed for broiler cage multi-tier colony system _here with day old chicken.

DoC mit FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan designed for broiler cage multi-tier colony system _here with adult birds.

MTC with FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan one

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan designed for litter _here with perfect acceptance of adult broilers.

FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan broiler on floor one pan
FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan broiler on floor many

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan designed for slat floor _here opened for accessible cleaning and best bio security.

FITFEEDER perfect for slats

FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan designed for slat floor _here with GOLDEN BROILER aluminum injection feed hopper.

FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan feed intake
FIT Farm Innovation Team Golden Broiler FLOOR SLAT 1

Complete FITFEEDER broiler feeder pan feeding line _with hopper extension up to 100 kg capacity and dust protected ball bearing feed auger drive unit.

FITFEEDER_broiler feeder pan LINE 1

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Replace existing systems with FITFEEDER for profitable results with best FCR!


FITFEEDER is 100% designed, engineered & made in GERMANY!

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Please check FIT Farm Innovation Team GOLDEN BROILER cage and cage-free systems to see FITFEEDER in operation!

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