The low height and open design of the pan gives excellent conditions for rearing. After a few hours birds line uparound the feeder pan to eat.360° flooding keeps the pan full of feed.The birds can not come inside the pan fromfirst day because of the and special grill. It prevents birds from scratching and spilling the feed.first day because of the and special grill. It prevents birds from scratching and spilling the feed.The shape of the new broiler pan prevents broilers from sleeping on the feed, so that all birds have full access to thefeed at all the time and they not contaminate in the feed.The special form eliminates practically all feed waste.The one feeder pan contains up to 2000g feed.

FITFEEDER qualities:
  • Day-old chicks to fully grown birds (up to 3 kg birds!)
  • Feeding pan with 38 cm diameter and 1,19 m feed space with separate feeding places which prevent entering thepan by the birds
  • 18 bird feed places per pan, no pan adjustment needed - just lift up the feeding line during the growth of theBroilers
  • 39 mm low pan very easy and comfortable feed access for the day old chicken. Open disign of the pan givesexcellent conditions for the day-old chicks. After a few minuts birds line up around the feeder pan to eat. 360°flooding keeps the pan full of feed. The birds can not come inside the pan from first day becouse of special grill

FITFEEDER minimizes feed waste and maximizes feed intake, which results in an outstanding performance of each

FITFEEDER has a unique cleaning feature. The innovative design enables more thorough cleaning. Due to the
cleaning system all components are free for cleaning: from the inside of the cone to the pan and is not necessary toopen the feeder pans.

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