Ecologically Enrichable Habitat / Enriched Habitat system

Flexibility in Habitat requirements to accommodate EU regulations

Golden Layer HABITAT colony system design and features:

plus button_ HABITAT layer colony system provides optimal Habitat (Ecology) flexibility compliant to welfare requirement and EU directives.


plus button_ HABITAT structural requirements applied as per regulation and welfare requirements, environmental design requirements/measurements. Ecological requirements _ feeding, drinking, perch, scratching area and nests/safe egg production/collection management.


plus button_ HABITAT layer colony system supplied excluding Habitat requirements: Nests, perches, scratch area can be implemented when regulations/directives dictate as an essential requirement to enrich the Habitat of the system.

HABITAT Layer colony system:

  • EU-Directive compliant

  • Bird-friendly environment

  • The environment provides freedom of movement and natural behavior of the birds

  • Hygenic environment

  • Efficient and safe egg production.

  • A-Link chain feeding system, proven superior chain feeding system, reliable, efficient and easy to manage.

  • Multi-Tier system