FIT Farm Innovation Team GOLDEN BROILER, GOLDEN PULLET and GOLDEN LAYER systems in combination with environmental control _FITCLIMATE.


The changing global climate and the different climatic challenges we are facing in various regions, countries and locations of the world in addition variations with seasons.

FIT Farm Innovation Team has the answer to all those challenges with our global experience in providing the right climate concept for commercial layers or broiler birds in FIT Farm Innovation Team system houses in the right place!


We strive to create the optimum environment for our customers _both in the buildings housing the birds and for the operational employees.


We endeavor to combine climate control, lighting, feeding, biometrics and data management by which combining synergies created to achieve optimal benefits.


Poultry husbandry: the environment and management applied should be in a responsible and sustainable manner, with optimum transparency, food safety and animal welfare.


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Welfare for people and poultry!


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FIT Farm Innovation Team _benchmark for animal welfare in poultry livestock husbandry systems we design and produce to create efficient house management and enable animal welfare to be measured.


Consumers consider animal welfare to be of paramount importance and determine the quality of food and safety of the end product. Safeguards in place for welfare of the poultry for food production.


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FITCLIMATE provides effective solutions, optimum performance_results & worldwide customer support!


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