NATURE_2 cage-free layer AVIARY system _ fully comfortable system access!

Advantages of NATURE_2 cage-free layer AVIARY system

plus button_ NATURE_2 cage-free layer Aviary system access -fully comfortable accessible platforms- freedom of movement supports the layer hens to access the levels and automatic nests with ease!

plus button_ The diversity of design of NATURE_2 cage-free layer Aviary system, allows for an optimal density with different shed dimensions of existing buildings!

plus button_ Excellent LED Lighting distribution system and program enables the hens to find the perches, feed and water supply and the automatic nests system!

plus button_ NATURE_2 cage-free layer Aviary system provides the easiest access for layer hens and for management access to automatic nests and system control / inspection!

plus button_ The freely accessible perches at the top of the NATURE_2 cage-free layer Aviary system provides maximum comfort for the layer hens and optimizes their natural behavior!

plus button Nest expeller system in NATURE_2 cage-free layer Aviary:

_ The nest bottom moves up and down approximately 2 cm, to ensure all the eggs roll out of the nest onto the egg belt.

_ The unique component of the nest operates in sync with the winch, time clock and the nest bottom.

_ Upon completion of this motion the nest bottom moves upwards to expel the birds and keep the nest closed during the light out period. This movement of the nest bottom helps to further keep the nest clean and the birds out during the lights off period.

_ The nest opens minutes before the lights come on again.